Hello dear all,
Seasons Greetings ..!!!

We all are experiencing the drastic changes this pandemic has brought along with it, They have left us all with some really difficult questions. We find ourselves caught between a rock & a hard place often, sometimes even after putting in long hours, a lot of effort & really hard work. But like they say flowing water finds away, we still have to tackle each problem head-on.

This year VIA LEW’s usual programs cannot be conducted the same way they have been for the last 24 yrs. But we have found new & creative ways to keep the traditions alive that fits perfectly with our new way of life, and will be really helpful for our members.

One such tradition that is loved by all, is our annually conducted Udyojika “An all eves exhibition “ conducted every October, promoting products of the incredibly talented women of VIA LEW. This year due to safety concerns for our members & huge audience we have decided to shake up some traditions and on the 25th anniversary of VIA LEW, we are launching an E-Commerce platform for our members, so their products can reach more people globally.

I am proud to present the EPortal www.vialewudyojika.com an E-commerce platform by VIA LEW. This is a venture by the women, for the women & of the women. The object is the development of women through entrepreneurship.

The internet is filled with various Ecommerce sites but the Unique thing about ours is that our vendors can access an E-Commerce platform at a very affordable price and nominal interference. You would truly be the owner of your online store.

The positive image, self-confidence, the pride you feel in ourself and the happiness u get from persisting through these hard times, at the end of this year you can pat your back and be even more sure that you are your own heroes, And we hope we could be a part of your pride with WWW.VIALEWUDYOJIKA.COM. We hope it gives u the platform & support you need now & u feel the support of all the women that are behind this platform with you.

To the shoppers: Thank you so much for supporting our platform & shopping with our members. You are supporting LOCALLY SOURCED, LOCALLY MADE products which are the result of the hard work & power of WOMEN and also brought to you by WOMEN. We thank you for giving us a helping hand to empower women.

Manisha Bawankar
Chairperson VIA LEW